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Services provided by Smadi Softwares LLC

Accept Credit Cards through Smadi Softwares!

Contact us today to setup your E-Merchant account and payment gateway to accept C.C in your store or online!

Smadi Softwares is proud to be a credit card processing gateway and E-Merchant reseller.
Smadi Softwares

All of our software and web applications are based on latest technology available in the market. Our applications are fast comparetively and are very user-friendly. We offer a variety of software solutions to our clients. With the experienced developers & web designers, we have the advantage of offering high end Desktop and web applications in affordable budget that complies with market standards.

Insurance Softwares

Servers Monitoring and Web ranking Service

Smadi Softwares provides servers, hosts and websites' admins with a Web monitoring service to fully monitor and tracking the uptime of your server or website and notify you by email or SMS in case your server went down, to know more about this service click View Details

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Business Solutions

Smadi Softwares provides small businesses with a complete I.T solution that will include the following key components

  • VPN Network - For multi location businesses
  • Main Server(s) - Centralized control
  • Phone System - Low cost VOIP solution
  • Video Servalliance - 24/7 video recording
  • Customized Software - Depends on the business needs
  • Online backup - Synchronize you important data with your Smadi Softwares Account
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Customized Softwares

We believe that they key for success for any business is by defining their own efficient and robust business module, yet your business processes that build your business success needs to be computerized, Smadi Softwares provides you high end customized softwares that will fit your exact needs. Through out the experience in computerizing and the automation of many business processes, you will recieve a complete package to make you life easier. We have solid experience bringing software products from concept to release in a variety of development environments.

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We have released a new beta testing version of, a complete online marketing and CRM tool for businesses
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