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Business Solutions
The physical services are limited to Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego) and las vegas Areas and in between.

Smadi Softwares Module

Smadi Softwares provide small businesses with a complete I.T Solutions Based on the following key component:

VPN Network. We believe that all business data has to be secured, through out VPN you can make all your different locations work as a single network location with a high security standards. We will build a whole network based on latest technologies from CISCO network as it provide the most secure private network. Depends on your budget and resources we'll research the market for the best equipments that will fit your needs, install it and configure it. 

Centralized Server(s) Based on your business size, we'll provide you with a top of the line server that will help you performe your business tasks easily and more secure and efficient. With centralized servers you'll have a complete control over your employees through out recording everything that goes on the server and blocking unwanted websites which kills the time you are paying your employees for.

Phone System Smadi Softwares will find you the best deal out in the market to build in house hosted complete VOIP solution to cut the cost of your phone bill for over the half of what they are right now. it all provided through T1 lines. its All based on the valume of your calls.

Video Servalliance Its very important for you as a business owner or manager to be able to check on your employees if they even exist in their office!, through out 24/7 video survalliance you can check on your employees even from home if they are working already and check on their work remotely even without them feeling that you are watching them all of that in addition to the security that your are getting from having video survalliance running 24/7 since you still in need for your employees as they are your biggest asset.

Customized Software Through out the implementation of the suggested solution for your business we'll figure out the lack in efficiency and inaccurate results in your business processes that your business is going through and we'll suggest you a Customized software that will totally help and improve your business process to provide a better service for your customer to keep them as a customer forever. Read more

Online Backup Smadi Softwares in the process of providing SME with a software to back up all the contents of your servers, work station and your important data online at Smadi Softwares Servers through your smadi softwares account you'll be notified when the service starts.

We have released a new beta testing version of, a complete online marketing and CRM tool for businesses
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